Solid Ground Landscape Services



About Solid GroundOver twelve years ago we started our company and people would say, “Solid Ground- I like your name.” We still get that today.

What’s in a name, after all, and why the appeal?  We think people are hungry for the simplicity and value of solid working relationships with genuine people. We’re not just about landscapes; we’re about people and relationships. With strong roots, these relationships last forever; even longer than the oldest of trees. We wanted to communicate that through our name and as owners of the company, we set out to serve the people of metro Atlanta with the ability and integrity to do the job. Since then we’ve experienced steady, controlled growth like a strong, sturdy oak tree.

After twelve years, we the owners are still the ones you’ll communicate with because we take a hands-on approach to our business- and your landscape. So whether you’re a property owner or manage property, we can make your job and life easier by knowing what you want and delivering it. After all, beautiful landscapes begin with building relationships. We think you’ll appreciate that when it comes to designing, installing, and caring for your landscape, one of your most visible and valuable assets.

Joe and Andrew

In the business of nature, that’s the nature of our business. That’s Solid Ground.

Joe Christenberry & Andrew Kurstedt
Owners of Solid Ground Landscape Services, LLC